It’s Okay to Mourn

I am entering the week that marks the end of the firsts regarding my mother’s death.  This is the first Thanksgiving that she will not be with us.  This time last year she was in the hospital.  Has a year really gone by?

My life has radically changed since last November.  I have a new home, new church, new car.  My family is readjusting to living in a big city.  While we learned many lessons “on the prairie” we are grateful to be back in a place that affords us the opportunities to which we grew accustomed to in Houston.  Having an Albertsons back in my life is wonderful!

So, while I have experienced all of these wonderful changes, I still feel an amount of sadness.  I am still in a season of grief.  I miss my mom (particularly at this time of year).  I miss hearing the excitement in her voice as she made plans to visit us during the holidays.  I miss talking about the “appropriate” things that my children should get from Santa.  Of course my mom didn’t care what I had to say, my children would be smothered in gifts to their heart’s delights.

While I love my family and my life is very rich and full, for a year now there has been a hole that speaks loudly in my life.  I am very grateful that my mother wasn’t ill at the end of her life.  She died almost immediately after she suffered a pulmonary embolism.  Praise God that it was quick and she experienced little if any pain.  I am convinced that she opened her eyes on the other side and beheld the incredible wonders of God.  Claiming the promises of my faith I admit that I still miss her.

As I move through my grief I rejoice that God’s work still journeys forward.  I am grateful that my ministry continues to move forward with the reassurance that we are all doers of the Word.  We move forward with hope, knowing that God will comfort in times of joy, grief, sorrow, etc…  Name them all, God will be there.

God’s presence does not indicate that we will not feel loss.  Quite the opposite.  Our faith is made whole as we fall into the arms of God who will nurture us through the periods of mourning.  This is the center of our hope.  Through sadness, God will still be there.

I pray that the blessings of God will be with you now and always.  I pray that you may grow in the love and knowledge of God.  I pray for all that mourn; that they may be comforted.

Published by joekmac

I am a pastor in the United Methodist Tradition. I am the Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Belen in the New Mexico Annual Conference. I am married to Cazandra and have two sons with hemophilia.

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